Fanfare Tickets is a local ticket resale marketplace. Ticket prices may be above or below face value.

Terms and Conditions

By using or visiting this site, (“FT” or the “Site”), or purchasing tickets listed on the Site, you expressly agree to abide and be bound by and follow the following Policies and Terms of Use ("Terms" or "Agreement"), as well as all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations. You represent that you are legally able to enter into this binding contract. If you are under 18, you represent that you are purchasing tickets under the supervision of a parent or guardian. The Terms include the following provisions:

  • All orders placed on this Site are considered requests until you receive confirmation of the availability of the tickets and confirmation of your order.
  • All sales are final; there are no cancellations, returns, or exchanges.
  • If an event is cancelled, you will be given a full refund. If an event is postponed or rescheduled, your order will not qualify for a refund and your tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date. For some cancelled events, the Client may be REQUIRED to return the ticket for the refund.
  • Ticket prices may be above the "face value" listed on the ticket (they may also be below the "face value").
  • Confirmed orders may be filled with comparable or upgraded tickets.
    • The following options may be exercised with client’s consent:
    • 1) Comparable tickets will be provided with no compensation.
    • 2) Tickets can be upgraded, for an additional cost.
    • 3) Tickets can be downgraded with a partial refund.
    • 4) If none of the above are acceptable to the client, ticket orders may be canceled with a full refund.

Ticket Purchase Policy:


When you determine the tickers you wish to purchase, you fill out the information requested on the Site and submit the information, which acts as an offer to purchase the tickets. Once you submit the order, you cannot cancel or retract it. Upon the submission of the order, a hold will be placed on your credit or debit card for the funds necessary to purchase these tickets and you will receive an email promptly after you place your order. Neither of these actions complete the sale. A completed sale is dependent on the seller's acceptance of the order and notice of confirmation to you that the order is accepted. Upon the seller's acceptance of the order, your credit or debit card used in placing the order will be charged. Please note that the price you pay may be higher than the face value of the tickets.

A large number of ticket resellers list their tickets on the Site and we are not responsible for typographical errors within the inventory listed for sale. When an error is found in processing your order, you will be notified of the error and provided with available options, including the option of cancelling your order.

Ticket Purchase Policy:

 Fanfare Tickets reserves the right to replace tickets with comparable or upgraded tickets. When this occurs, we shall be considered to have fulfilled our obligations under these terms. Whether tickets are "comparable" or "upgraded" are made at the reasonable discretion of Fanfare Tickets. Should we fail to deliver any confirmed ticket purchase, our sole obligation or liability shall be limited, unless otherwise required by law, to the return of any payment made by you for the undelivered ticket. We reserve the right to cancel and refund your order at any time for any reason.

Due to the large volume of ticket sellers listing tickets, locations, descriptions and pricing of similar or equal tickets may vary. It is the purchaser's responsibility to verify any possible inconsistency or discrepancy in the ticket location, description and/or price by calling Fanfare Tickets at 317-876-3338 before the order is placed.

Fanfare Tickets Guarantee

The Fanfare Tickets Guarantee means that your transaction will be safe and secure, the tickets shall be delivered prior to the event, the tickets shall be identical, comparable, or better than the tickets you ordered, and the tickets shall be valid and authentic. Your only recourse under the Fanfare Tickets Guarantee is the return of any payment made for the tickets.

Refund Policy:

All sales are final, so please only order tickets after you are sure that you want them. You cannot cancel your order if your plans change, the date or time of the event changes, you find different tickets that you prefer, or your ability to attend an event changes, nor can you substitute or exchange your tickets if you order incorrectly.

A full refund of the purchase price will be given for cancelled events. In some cases, to qualify for a refund, you must return your tickets as soon as possible, but in all cases, within fourteen (14) business days after you are offered a refund.  In those instances, no refunds will be given without the original tickets, unless otherwise determined by Fanfare Tickets in its sole discretion.

Postponed or rescheduled events will not be refunded, and your tickets will be valid for the later date. Fanfare Tickets will determine when an event is cancelled.

Weather conditions may affect travel to and from the event and may cause the postponement or cancellation of the event. Such circumstances are beyond the control of Fanfare Tickets and accordingly, no refund for unused services or allowance for the loss of enjoyment caused by weather conditions will be made by Fanfare Tickets.  No allowance for the costs in travelling to/and or attending an event will be made in the event of a cancelled or postponed event.  Additionally, Fanfare Tickets shall not be held responsible for damages because of delays, cancellations or unavailability of public or private transportation caused occurrences beyond the control of Fanfare Tickets.

Fanfare Tickets has no control over conditions at the venues where events take place.  Fanfare Tickets is not responsible for any injuries resulting from the use of any tickets or services obtained from this site.

Changes to Event, Time, Location:

Event date, times, venue and subject matter may change. We shall not be held responsible for any such change and will not be obligated to provide a refund or any other compensation in the event such a change occurs.

In certain instances, a venue, promoter, or any entity putting on the event will require a ticket holder to relocate his or her seat or otherwise change the seating configuration. You acknowledge that these changes are outside our control and we are not responsible.

It is your responsibility to monitor the event and to confirm any changes to the event with the entity putting on the event.

Denial of Admission:

If you are having trouble getting into an event using the ticket you purchased from us, contact us immediately for assistance at 317-876-3338. If the problem is not resolved and you are still unable to attend the event, it is your responsibility to obtain proof from the venue of denied entry. Upon receipt of valid proof that the tickets failed to provide you entry, or if we otherwise determine in our sole discretion that the ticket was invalid, your sole remedy will be to receive a full refund of the cost of the ticket including all fees and delivery charges.

Delivery of Tickets:

In most cases, tickets will be delivered by the method and timeframe designated in the ticket listing. For listings with no designated delivery method, tickets will typically be shipped via our preferred carrier, FedEx.  In some cases, delivery may first require additional verification, such as photo ID, or be subject to delays on behalf of the seller. It is your responsibility to contact us if you do not receive tickets within 48 hours of the event. Failure to do so may disqualify you from receiving a refund for any ticket you claim was not delivered, unless failure to receive notice is waived by us in our sole discretion.

Tickets may not ship out immediately; delivery designations, such as "e-Tickets" or "Instant Download", do not constitute guarantees of delivery any sooner than the day of the event. In all cases, Fanfare Tickets reserves the right to deliver tickets for any order as late as one (1) hour prior to the event. Valid delivery services on the day of the event may include, in Fanfare Ticket’s sole discretion, Will Call at the venue box office, email (when applicable), courier or pick up at a location outside the venue designated by Fanfare Tickets.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Tickets

We are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed tickets and are under no obligation, and, in many instances, are not able, to replace the tickets. Please note that direct sunlight or heat can damage certain types of tickets. You are responsible for ensuring that your tickets are kept in a safe location.

Payment Options:

As a buyer, you grant Fanfare Tickets permission to charge your credit or debit card for the purchase of tickets. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and PayPal are valid payment methods for purchasing tickets.

Ticket Holder Behavior Policy:

You agree to abide by all rules and policies of the venue, promoter and anyone else responsible for putting on the event. Should you fail to abide by those rules and policies, you shall be subject to all applicable fines and legal or other expenses associated therewith. Further, should any violation result in the loss of the ticket seller's season ticket rights or right to use any other tickets at that venue, or the right to purchase other tickets from that venue, you shall be held liable for all reasonable costs, expenses and losses associated with said loss including, but not limited to, all direct, indirect, vicarious, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including lost profits.


Neither Site nor Fanfare Tickets is the official box office, or affiliated in any way with any venue, promoter, team, league or organizing group. Neither Site nor Fanfare Tickets is associated with any official organizer of the events for which tickets are listed. Rather, Fanfare Tickets is an independent company for the sale of event tickets on the secondary market.

Changes in Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change these Terms at any time. If we change any term or condition, said modification, revision and additional information shall be posted here and shall automatically replace the terms and conditions and become binding on all users of this site. Your continued use of the site following our posting of revised terms and conditions constitute your acceptance of the revised agreement.

Unlawful Activity:

We prohibit the use of the Site for any unlawful conduct. All users must comply with all local, state, federal and international laws, ordinances and regulations. By using this Site, you agree not to use any false personal information or use an invalid or unauthorized credit or debit card. You agree not to use or permit anyone to use information provided through the Site for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose.

Investigations and Consequences:

A purchaser who is the subject of a complaint or whom we believe may have violated these Terms or applicable law will be subject to investigation. You agree to cooperate fully in such investigation including, but not limited to, providing any and all information demanded. If Fanfare Tickets finds, in its sole discretion, a user: (a) is unwilling to cooperate with any investigation; (b) has engaged in any illegal, unlawful or fraudulent conduct or otherwise violated these Terms or applicable law or has acted in concert with anyone so engaged; or (c) has provided information that Fanfare Tickets is unable to authenticate or verify, Fanfare Tickets may take any action it deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, canceling orders, issuing a warning, blocking your access to the Site, preventing you from finalizing pending transactions, or exercising any other remedy available to us (including civil, criminal or injunctive redress). You agree that monetary damages may not provide a sufficient remedy to us for violations of these Terms and may be difficult to ascertain or calculate and you consent to injunctive or other equitable relief for such violations.

We reserve the right to report to appropriate law enforcement authorities or other relevant third parties any activity that Fanfare Tickets believes, in its sole discretion, may in any way violate any local, state, federal or international law.


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