Fanfare Tickets is a local ticket resale marketplace. Ticket prices may be above or below face value.








Sell Outright

You tell us what you have, and we tell you what we will pay based on the current market value. No fees, no charges, no worries about managing your tickets, delivering them, wondering if they will sell or if the market will crash, and no waiting to get paid.  Have tickets that you don’t have in your possession yet? No problem, we can pay you up front. When you are looking for a sure thing, selling your tickets outright is the fastest way to turn your tickets into cash.  Fanfare will pay you with a check, Venmo, or Paypal.




Sell on Consignment

You tell us what you have, and we list them for sale on consignment.  We manage the pricing and delivery of your tickets, processing payments, and we keep 15% of the final transaction when they sell.  Your tickets will be listed along with our own on EVERY major ticket exchange. So regardless of where a buyer looks, they will see YOUR seats and you won’t lose out on any exposure by only listing your tickets on one site.  Wide distribution is a substantial competitve listing advantage.  The value of the tickets might increase or decrease as the market changes, but we work to get back as much as we can with every sale.  With consignment, the tickets remain yours until they sell, and we will pay you with a check, Venmo, or Paypal once all of the tickets on your purchase agreement have sold, which may be after the event.

A few notes on how we buy/list on Consignment 


We believe in market value pricing, which means that the original cost of the ticket is not usually a determining factor in our offer or pricing.

Think like a buyer.  If you see multiple sets of tickets in similar locations priced differently, you would purchase the least expensive one.  We price to the best value, not the highest outlier. We often hear about tickets “going for x dollars online,” but people don’t shop by seeking out the highest priced tickets in a category.   Worried about your tickets showing up for sale online?  We can mask your specific seats if you prefer to not have your exact seat location disclosed.

We hope that by making a fair offer, offering great service, and having wide distribution, you will find working with us preferable to listing with any other single exchange or company.



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